Council #10805 Bishop Dingman

The Council is a combined group with members from Corpus Christi and  Corpus Christi at Our Lady of Carter Lake. Members meet the 2nd Tuesday of every month at 6:15 pm in the Corpus Christi Center for the rosary, then a dinner and the  meeting follows in the  Social Hall.



Grand Knight: Andrew Poeckes
Deputy GK: Dana Kruse  
Chancellor: Mike Swanson  
Recorder: Steve Feyerherm  
Treasurer: Jim Knott 
Financial Sec: David McCann  
Advocate: Robert Boettcher  
Warden: William DeSomma  
Inside Guard: Timmy Oneill  
Outside Guard: Mike Salvo  
1 Year Trustee: Brian Bowers  
2 Year Trustee: Mike Reicks  
3 Year Trustee: Mike Koppold